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Intuitive Readings

Intuitve Readings, Spiritual Healing
Intuitive Readings are offered by Dr. Mary Anderson, a clairvoyant medium. Dr. Mary, intuitive since childhood, experienced a spontaneous opening approximately twenty years ago which has given her wide access to the other side and increased clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience.

Intuitive and channeled sessions are offered for the purposes of spiritual and emotional healing and guidance on life's journey. These sessions, uniquely different for each client, afford an opportunity to access Spirit guidance on questions relating to clarity of mind and heart, emotional healing and physical health. Additionally, Dr. Anderson, through clairvoyant sight, is able to view the energy around situations and relationships. Sessions with the stated intention to contact loved ones on the other side are also offered for the purpose of peaceful understanding.

Clients are encouraged to prepare for an intuitive reading through setting an intention for the session and to prepare approximately four questions to focus the session. Dr. Anderson encourages taping the session or taking notes to help you remember the information presented. Since Dr. Mary is in a slightly altered state during the session, she is frequently unable to recall details of the reading and will be unable to answer questions about the session after your appointment has been completed.

In your email requesting a session, please state whether you are wanting guidance on your journey and spiritual and emotional healing, a medical intuitive session, or if your desire is to make contact with loved ones who have passed. In preparing for your session, Dr. Anderson holds the intention that your highest good be met through the time spent together. Spirit is always present!

Intuitive readings are available on the phone and in-person. Sessions are one hour in length for a charge of $200. Longer sessions may be scheduled with prior approval by Dr. Anderson. Dr. Mary will be in touch with you to schedule your appointment.

For more information or to schedule a session please email Dr. Anderson at
or call (703) 352-8535 [Ext. 1].

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