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Matrix Repatterning

Matrix Repatterning is a gentle, hands-on therapy that corrects imbalance in soft tissue, organs and bones. It is a blend of physical and energy medicine that is able to achieve lasting results unattainable by other forms of treatment, and is used to alleviate the underlying causes of pain as well as other conditions associated with structural imbalance.

Matrix Repatterning determines the root of the problem that is causing pain and other health conditions, and releases tension and primary restrictions with gentle manipulation at the cellular level. Corrections made by a Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner are long lasting, since the body can be restored to its natural state of tone and balance. The key to our success is that treatments result in improved cellular, organ and musculoskeletal function, and thus, overall well being.

Due to the body's natural connectedness, many disorders may be the result of patterns of tension arising from primary restrictions anywhere in the body. Water filled internal organs and crystalline bone, due to their density, tend to absorb much of the force of impact injuries and are therefore frequent sites of primary restrictions.

With the client fully clothed, treatment involves gentle manual pressure at the source of the restriction. Practitioners and clients report rapid, profound and lasting results including pain relief and significant restoration of function and range of motion.

Article by George Roth explaining Matrix Repatterning in detail.

Ruthann Pisaretz offers Matrix Repatterning at the Cardinal Center for Healing. For more information or to schedule a session please email Ruthann Pisaretz at or call (703) 352-8535 [Ext. 2]..

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