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Metamorphosis is more a "state of being or evolving" than a modality. With its far-reaching scope of intention, Metamorphosis addresses the underlying tensions held within our bodies from the time of our conception and beyond. These tensions surface unconsciously during our lifetime and manifest as reactionary emotions, less than healthful habits, stressful patterns and reactions to situations and as illness.

When we are conceived, the resulting zygote that will develop into the body and contain the soul that we are carries within it everything (DNA, genes, etc) that comes from our mother and everything that comes from our father. Our mother and father, of course, are the culmination of their whole lives, their own gestations and what their mother and father brought to them. And so it goes back and back and back... to the beginning of time. By the time it is our turn to emerge into this life, our personal zygote is a pretty loaded little bundle of potential!

A Metamorphosis treatment is focused on the spine and the spinal reflexes found on the head, the hands and the feet.

"The spine is the home of your life force and holds the history of all that comes with you at conception."
Cindy Silverlock, author, Metamorphosis: Creating Consciousness Through Touch

A treatment is given fully clothed on a massage table. Using light touch a practitioner senses and is drawn to tensions along the spinal reflex points found on the head, along the spine and on the hands and feet.

A Metamorphosis treatment is non-invasive, non-verbal and non-directive and profoundly relaxing. Each treatment varies slightly as a practitioner is intuitively guided to those areas needing to be addressed at any given session. During a session the unconscious mind lets go, allowing for stress release, healing and new creation.

The head is treated in relationship to thinking: over-analyzing, over-thinking, worrying, headaches and insomnia. The hands are treated in relationship to one's ability to cope with life; The spine and the spinal reflexes along the feet address the primary patterns of stress and one's ability to move forward in life.

Metamorphosis is a tool used for (among others):
  • Personal growth: When underlying tensions release, change and growth can occur; the resulting space invites conscious, deliberate creation.
  • Health and wellbeing: Health issues attached to stress and tension often resolve as the underlying patterns release.
  • Emotional issues: As balance is restored within, automatic reactions cease to exist; one begins to choose one's response to life.
  • Relationships: "As you change, the world around you changes" to include friends, family, partners.
  • Pregnancy: By addressing held patterns of tension, a pregnant woman can become more relaxed during her pregnancy and the birthing process; the release of tension within the mother has a direct positive impact on her baby both before and after birth.
  • Addictions: Addictions are often ways of coping with internal unconscious tensions. When the tensions release, the need to cope is reduced.

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For more information or to schedule a session please email Georgia LaCroix at or call (703) 352-8535 [Ext. 3].